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After building up and selling a successful cartoning equipment company, Bob Koppe created Robert's Packaging in 1972. Bob's vision was to create a world class machinery design and manufacturing business.

He felt the best way to achieve this was to start a contract packaging business which would allow running production on the very machines built by Robert's.

The benefit was a great R&D facility with the opportunity to design and test new machines, upgrades and improvements under actual production conditions. In this way, Robert's continually improves the value of our machines for our customers.

In 2011, Robert's became part of the Cloud Packaging Solutions family. This significantly increased the engineering resources available for customizing equipment and extending the product line. Our unified team of engineers provides the industry's deepest resource for packaging line design and total systems integration.

Robert's continues to provide you the opportunity to have us co-pack your product for test runs, product rollouts and supplemental production prior to purchasing.

We also provide operations and maintenance training at our co-pack facility or at your location. This allows for a quick and efficient launch and the most successful, cost-effective operations down the line.

Robert's machinery program continues to expand from continuous motion HFFS machines to intermittent motion HFFS machines, machines to fill a wide range of premade packages—and beyond.

We look forward to helping you realize the full potential of the latest packaging for the product lines you fill.