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Packaging Machines


CMR Series

High Speed, Continuous Motion Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal

Our highest output machine series with industry leading efficiencies and a very unique filling system


IMH Series

Versatile, Intermittent Motion Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal

Our most flexible machine series, including the HYBRID option which provides form/fill/seal and fill/seal on one machine


IMR Series

Cost Effective, Versatile, Intermittent Motion Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal working from rollstock.

Our IMR machine series offers the most cost effective entry point for form/fill/seal on one machine.  These machines can be configured to produce a wide variety of pouches at speeds up to 60 pouches per minute.

 Roberts Packaging IMR Packaging Machine

IMP Series

Reliable, Intermittent Motion Horizontal Fill and Seal

Capable of running a wide array of pre-made pouches and bags with variety of filling options including hand loading


Systems, Upstream and Downstream Equipment

Robert's can offer a wide array of dosing options to feed product to the machines (multi-head weighers, augers, volumetric fillers, etc.).

In addition, we can offer package quality checking such as check-weighing and metal detection. Downstream equipment can include case forming, packing, and closing.

Options incorporated into the machines include labeling, thermal transfer and ink jet printing, and special solutions for specific applications.

As part of the Cloud Packaging Solutions family, Robert's now offers you significantly increased engineering resources. Our engineers customize your equipment to fit your exact requirements. They also ensure that your entire line—from upstream feed systems to downstream secondary packaging equipment—is fully integrated and running smoothly.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a line to your unique specifications and coordinate the acquisition, customization, installation and launch of your packaging system.