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CMR Series HFFS Packaging Machines


Robert's CMR-series continuous motion form-fill-seal machines are, in effect, many packagers in one. They can be configured to produce a large variety of pouches for virtually any need, at speeds up to 200 pouches per minute. The CMR-1500 runs sizes up to 12" wide x 15" high with up to 5" wide bottom gussets. These high-performance machines are proven to cut packaging costs and increase production efficiencies, without compromising quality.

Versatility and Flexibility

This versatile packager can fill difficult-to-pack products because of its ability to have the filling heads over the pouch for 126" of travel time. Our filling funnels can shake, vibrate or utilize baffles to pack these difficult products. Changeovers typically take two hours or less.

Consistent High Quality

Dual pouch clamps grip both sides of the pouch, while traveling top sealers provide total control during the packaging cycle. The result is pouches with no top seal wrinkles. The smooth continuous motion and precise positive filling prevent product spillage.

High Production Speeds

The CMR Series can produce up to 200 pouches per minute, depending on product fill weight and pouch size. We are able to obtain these high speeds because of the inherent benefits of continuous motion.

Field-Proven Reliability

Our Contract Packaging Division in conjunction with our Machinery Division allow us to do what few packaging machinery builders can: Run what we sell! Our CMR-Series of equipment has run millions and millions of pouches and has performed under actual daily production conditions since 1977 in our co-packing operation as well as numerous satisfied customers' plants.

CMR Series Video