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Robert's Packaging Stand Up Pouch Machinery Leader
A Variety of ... Stand Up Pouch Packaging Styles
CMR Series Form-Fill-Seal Machines High Speed Continuous Motion
IMH Machine Series Roll Stock or Pre-made Bag
IMR Machine Series Form Bags from Roll Stock
IMP Machine Series Pre-made Bag Machine

IMH Series HFFS Packaging Machines



The new Robert's IMH machine series provides the ability to form pouches from Roll Stock or feed Pre-Made pouches on the same machine.

Change between Roll Stock and Pre-Mades with a simple program change

Run a wide variety of packages including:

  • Stand up pouches
  • Wide range of zipper options
  • 3 or 4 sided pouches
  • Pinch bottom bags
  • Quad seal, block bottom, stand up bags

Flexibility for today's changing markets:

  • Ideal for short and extended runs
  • Multiple size changes
  • Easily switch machine pitches to achieve peak performance


  • Another Robert's breakthrough technology. CPS provides full convertibility in size and output on a single IMH 1000 / IMH 1500 platform.

IMH Series Video