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IMR Series Standup Pouch Machinery


When you are ready to step up to the high capacity, speed and economy of creating stand-up pouches from rollstock, Robert’s IMR Series intermittent motion form-fill-seal machine offers the most cost-effective entry point. These machines can be configured to produce a wide variety of pouches at speeds up to 60 pouches per minute. Working from rollstock rather than from pre-formed pouches and bags saves you both time and money.

Versatility and Flexibility

This versatile packager can fill difficult-to-pack products because of its ability to have the traveling filling funnels over the pouch for an extended amount of travel time. The filling funnels can shake and/or utilize baffles to pack difficult products. Products that simply could not be packed on a “single point fill” machine can be run without slowing production speed on the Robert’s IMR Series. A broad array of dosing options, including multi-head weighing, augers, and cup fillers are available.


IMR Series machines are easily engineered to meet specific customer needs. The machines can be stretched to accommodate various filling methods by providing any number of filling stations.


The unique Robert’s system of “following” funnels is featured in the IMR Series. This approach to pouch filling allows for significantly more filling time as well as the ability to load very difficult products that simply fail on other machines.

Field Proven Reliability

Our Contract Packaging Division, in conjunction with our Machinery Division, allows us to do what few packaging machinery builders can: Run what we sell! With many field proven components, the IMR Series delivers the reliability and uptime our customers have come to expect from Robert’s.


  • Superior pouch forming for high quality bags and hermetic seals even with a variety of zippers
  • Unique pouch opening system that performs consistently on a wide array of pouches and bags
  • Speeds up to 60 pouches per minute
IMR Series Video